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Kemetic Philosophy

"Life is Good, Life is Essential, Life is Sacred"

Kemetic Philosophy Defined

Kemetic Philosophy stems from the "Kemetic Body Of Knowledge, Rituals and Beliefs". Central to Kemetic Philosophy is the reverence for life and the roll of creation (i.e. that which exist) in the celebration and perpetuation of life. From thousands of years of accumulated information and experience with life our Kemetic Ancestors concluded that 'Life' was the essence, (or at the essence) of creation and existence; that it is a continuum from the Creator Neter (Atum, Ptah, etc), from the very beginning to you and everything in existence now; and that it is connected to the past and to the future.

Our Ancestors came to understand Life as a standard and a state of being that should be respected and maintained. In this light Life was used as a yardstick by which all relationships in creation were measured. The question was asked per each relationship: Is it Life creating and Life sustaining? If the relationship was Life-creating and Life-sustaining (healthy, good, etc.) it was encouraged and maintained. It the relationship was not Life-creating or Life-sustaining then it was ended, discouraged and or avoided. From many thousands of years our Ancestors accumulated a 'body of knowledge' that guided them in their relationship to life.

From these relationships developed what may be termed 'rituals'. Rituals are acts engaged in for a specific outcome. In this light, seeking an outcome of perpetual-life (i.e. never ending life) and 'optimal-life' (i.e. the very best in life) our Ancestors structured their relationships and interactions with creation in ways to achieve, sustain and be Life creating and Life sustaining. Their lives became a 'way of being' called a ritual (or rituals).

With respect to 'beliefs', from the thousands of years experience and information (knowledge) and relationships (rituals) of our Ancestors came to know and express as beliefs that: Life is good; Life is essential; Life was (is) sacred; etc.

Kemetic Philosophy Class Ad

Kemetic Philosophy Class Ad

Using the 'body of knowledge, rituals and beliefs' as a guide our Ancestors structured their social, political, economic, legal (ethical), cultural and all other areas of life to be in accord with revering life. In addition to their lives they perceived that all humans should live in accord with life. Furthermore, they observed and learned that all other Life-forms (Life-forces) were in accord with Life and Creation and they with this understanding they arranged their lives to be in accord with Life and all of Life's forms (forces). This is the essence of Kemetic Philosophy, in that it revolves around 'Life' as a 'standard and a state of being'.

Today we are actively engaged in reconnecting, reconstructing and regenerating the Kemetic Way Of Life, Kemetic Spirituality and Kemetic Philosophy as our 'Way Of Life'. At this time two major things are happening: 1) As we move in the direction of 'KemetWay' we are guided by the Neteru and Ancestors to see and understand more upon which we are able to build, connect to and continue the 'way of life'. 2) We also are moving faster and in larger numbers away from the 'belief (control) systems' - Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Aryan philosophies - and their adherents and descendents that were (and continue to be) so destructive towards life.

We are reconnecting to the 'ways of our Ancestors' - including Kemetic Philosophy - as we construct a environments and ultimately a world where Life can live and exist as a standard and way of being manifesting for us as perpetual-life and optimal-life.

To learn more about Kemetic Philosophy take classes with Ankh Institute, instructed by (me) Seba, Heru-Ka Anu.

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